Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Three, two, one and SOLAR is gone

SOLAR, our old library search system, was switched off on Tuesday 8th August.

Library Search, which was launched back in January of this year, will now be the only way you can search for physical and online resources. If you've got any old bookmarks which point to SOLAR they will be automatically redirected to Library Search.

While Library Search has all the same great resources as SOLAR, it is a much more advanced interface which was created with your suggestions in mind.

Here are just a few benefits of Library Search:
  • You can save resources allowing you to access them from anywhere.
  • It is far more mobile-friendly.
  • You can filter results to make them more relevant to your interests.
If you have saved queries and alerts in SOLAR then you may need to set these up again in Library Search to ensure you continue to have access to them. If this is the case contact us and we can help you with this.

Check it out here and bookmark it if you like.

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