Monday, 24 October 2016

Library of Ideas - Friday 28th October Event

There are to be a series of fascinating talks in the Library of Ideas over the coming week to further explore the themes of the Manchester Science Festival

At 12 pm on Friday 28th October, Gary Kerr, PhD Student in Science Communication, 'Is cancer screening harmful?'  We’re so used to hearing about the importance of regular cancer screening – catch it in its early stages while it can still be treated. But the reality is more complex and screening has real side effects. Scientists have known about these risks for years, but is the message getting across to patients? Join Gary Kerr to debate the big issues in cancer screening. Do we need to start telling people about the risks of screening or should we keep it in the small print? Does screening destroy more lives than it saves?

While you're there, don't forget to peruse the large collection of colourful and informative science books currently available to view.

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