Thursday, 13 October 2016

Box of Broadcasts - maintenance - update

We have been informed that the access problem to Box of Broadcasts has now been resolved.  

However, the supplier has informed us that the migration from the old BoB service to the new service has resulted in some problems with embedded links.

Some links re-direct from the old BoB to the new service, but some don’t.  Where they don’t, the clips need to be re-embedded.  Some of the previously embedded content is redirecting fine but some won’t, mainly due to the use of Flash, which the new system can no longer support so as to make it compatible with all mobile devices. It will in those cases be necessary to re-embed those clips and titles using the new codes. They had hoped to be able to avoid that additional inconvenience but have not been able to do so, for which they apologise.

There is currently a security bug with Microsoft products affecting BoB so that links in its products, including PowerPoint, won’t re-direct to the site. They hope to have a fix for this in the near future and will alert users as soon as this has been enabled. Again, they apologise for the inconvenience.
Additionally it is not possible to actually embed new links at the moment. We have been informed that this functionality should be available after October 24th

We are currently experiencing some problems with access to the Box of Broadcasts resource.  The suppliers have informed us that they are carrying out emergency maintenance procedures which may result in intermittent problems.

We have contacted them to ensure that any access problems we have will be resolved as soon as possible.  In the meantime, the Library would like to apologise for any inconvenience.

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