Tuesday, 30 August 2016

SOLAR - changes to current interface

We’ve made a few changes in the current SOLAR interface in response to user feedback.

Firstly, we have introduced a new resource type so that it’s possible to filter and search by Print Books or E-books.  So you’ll now see options for Books (Print) and Books (Electronic) in the facets and in advanced search:- 

We've also reviewed the facets available for filtering, based on user testing and also usage statistics. So the list has been rearranged to put them in order of use.

Furthermore, the links (e.g. Get It, Details, Multiple versions) on each record have been restyled to highlight them:-

Finally the 'Back to results' button on the full record screen has been increased in size:- 

old version - 

new version - 

and the date slider in the date facet has been removed as it was difficult and inaccurate to use.

All these changes should come into effect before the end of today, 30/8/16.

Don't forget to check SOLAR for all your Library needs.


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