Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Web of Science : new release

Maintenance - Upgrade, Sunday, January 24 - Web of Science 5.21 Release.
Please be advised that there will be a release of Web of Science 5.21 expected on Sunday, January 24th.

Thomson Reuters advise that they do not expect to have any outages or downtime during the release. However they wish to advise users that as they are conducting scheduled maintenance there may be intermittent access at this time.

Maintenance Window = 2:00 PM,GMT to 2:00 AM, GMT.

Thomson Reuters apologise for any inconvenience due as a result.

Web of Science Features Release Summary.
* Saved Marked Lists.
* Improved Author Disambiguation Algorithm.
* Multiple Reprint Author Display.

The Release Notes Document provides information about each of the new features included in this release.
Web of Science 5.21 Release notes document at:
Recorded materials and Live Training listed at:

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