Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dawsonera accessibility improvements

The Dawsonera have been working with the RNIB to make improvements to accessibility of their eBook platform.

The following improvements will be launched today, 7th January, and there are more to come :

•    Link text has been underlined in the following areas:
footer, My Bookshelf and search results. This ensures that the link conventions are consistent and clear.

•    An
increased contrast ratio has been applied to the reader portal (excluding the online reader).

Help pop-ups are now displayed on keyboard focus as well as mouse hover.

•    When
‘Skip links’ are in focus they are now clearly displayed.  When used, the user is navigated to the targeted element where the keyboard focus is set, allowing users to seamlessly navigate.

Checkboxes in the ‘refine search’ area are now more clearly visible.

Error messages encountered during login and in the ’contact us’ forms have been improved from an accessibility perspective in the HTML markup and the relevant focus set.

•    The
order of the links in the site header, navigation and social area can now be tabbed through in a logical order at different screen sizes.

•    Text can now be
resized up to 200% without cropping and can be applied to a number of forms, including Contact us, My Account and Search.

•    There is now the ability to allow
dynamic content to be announced when it changes.

•    We have
ensured that any pop-up notifications are clearly announced to the user. For example, when downloading an ebook or when requesting a rental.

Meaningful and intuitive text has been inserted into the close button for pop-up windows.

Please do give us any feedback to

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