Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Journal Citation Reports

From Janaury, Journal Citation Reports will be moving to a new platform.

You can start using this now here :

The old platform will be retired at the end of December.

What is Journal Citation Reports?  Thomson Reuters say :

Journal Citation Reports® offers a systematic, objective means to critically evaluate the world's leading journals, with quantifiable, statistical information based on citation data. By compiling articles' cited references, JCR helps to measure research influence and impact at the journal and category levels, and shows the relationship between citing and cited journals.

Now offered on the InCites platform, access and explore the underlying data that informs JCR metrics from citation networks to self-citations.  This expanded capability lets you conduct analysis and comparisons of citation relationships across journals and categories over time.  You can even localize your analysis to understand publishing practices within your organization.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book

UPDATE 11/12/2015 :  Good news, the 2016 edition is now available online - the publisher seem to have agreed a deal with at least one aggregator!

So, access the 2016 edition here 



We're having problems at the moment providing electronic access to Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book.

  • 2016 edition : we have ordered print copies, but the pubisher will not sell an electronic copy to us for institutional use and the electronic version is available now here 
  • 2015 edition : we have run out of the number of accesses allowed this year by the eBook supplier, and the publisher will not allow us to purchase any more
  • 2014 edition : we should have five concurrent user access, but a technical problem with the publisher is not allowing us to use these.  This should be available here
We know that this is not acceptable level of service, and are pursuing a resolution with the publisher.

We do have a limited number of print copies of this at Clifford Whitworth at 692.5 SPO

Friday, 4 December 2015

ScienceDirect and IE8

From January 1, 2016, ScienceDirect will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

The publisher, Elsevier, say :

Why are we ceasing support of IE8?

We are following Microsoft’s directive to focus our support on newer, officially-supported IE browser versions. Microsoft announced in 2014 that, as of January 2016, it would only support the most recent IE browser version with technical support and security updates. We strongly encourage our customers to follow Microsoft’s directive as well by updating to more recent versions of IE. Additionally, users can move to the latest versions of the Chrome or Firefox browsers for an optimal ScienceDirect experience.

By removing IE8 from our support list, we will be able to provide the following future enhancements:
•    Remove current IE8 security issues
•    Enhance existing security measures across all browsers
•    Add support for new browser technologies
•    Add responsive design to aid use of ScienceDirect across devices
•    Improve accessibility to better enable access to people with diverse abilities

Note: Compatibility mode in IE9 or higher reverts the browser back to IE7 or IE8 behavior. If you experience issues accessing ScienceDirect using IE9 or higher, please disable the compatibility view mode in your IE browser.

If you have an queries, please contact

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Digimap : Historic

Historic Digimap provides access to the valuable historic Ordnance Survey map collection online, with maps from the 1840s to the 1990s.

Service Update 

Historic Digimap has been operating with a new data download facility for some time now.  The previous application, labelled "Old Historic Downloader" in the Digimap interface, will be withdrawn on Friday 11th December 2015.  It will no longer be available after this date.

Data orders requested from the "Old Historic Downloader" will not be available to view under My Previous Downloads in the new Historic Download application.  The new application offers exactly the same data as the old version so any data ordered from the old application can still be requested again using the new application.