Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Springer Reference Trial

This trial is now finished.

The Library has arranged a trial for SpringerReference until 22 May 2015.

Click for on campus access
Click for off campus access

Please give feedback on this to your Academic Support Librarian. Tell us
  • why you would use this resource
  • what teaching or research would this support
  • who else would use this resource
You now have access to more than 300 peer-reviewed, LIVE reference works. Leaders of the research community are able to continuously update in real time, thus making the platform a living repository of reference works. You no longer need to wait for years to get the latest update in the next edition anymore.

Access the complete SpringerReference database and take advantage of its many features and benefits:
  • Complete access to all the latest, living Springer reference works across every subject on a single platform
  • Access to the latest reference works before they are even available as print or static online editions
  • An online community of scientific research
  • Approx. 15,000 new reference work entries and over 10.000 updates each year.

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