Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Morgan & Claypool e-Books on trial

The Library has trialled a range of e-Books from the publisher Morgan and Claypool.  

This trial is now finished.

Please give feedback on this to your Academic Support Librarian. Tell us
  • why you would use this resource
  • what teaching or research would this support
  • who else would use this resource
Click below to access this collection
 This unique collection of e-Books are approximately 50- to 100-page "lecture style" self-contained electronic books that synthesise key research and development topics, authored by expert contributors in the field, while focusing on computer science and engineering innovations.

Subjects covered include artificial intelligence, machine learning, communication networks, computer architecture, data management, data mining, quantum computing, information security, statistics and mathematics, nuclear technology, power electronics, RF/Microwaves, signal processing, software engineering, solid state materials and devices, tissue engineering, and more.

These e-Books are hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform

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