Monday, 8 December 2014

156 documentaries from ETV

This collection will not be available after July 31st 2015.

156 additional documentaries from Educational and Television Films are now available to view both on and off campus.

100 hours of films from the political Left from around the world. The ETV collection is unique in that it is the largest collection of productions from the former Soviet Union, Communist China, the European Eastern block, Chile and Cuba which survives in Western Europe. It is the legacy of the work of Stanley Forman, one of the leading figures in the Communist Party of Great Britain. In addition to documentary footage on, for example, the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, the Vietnam war, Tibet and Beirut, the collection also includes a number of Soviet, Czech and Bulgarian feature films.
For access to these films, click here

  • if you are on campus, you can choose the direct login option
  • if you are off campus, choose the UK Federation option, and select University of Salford from the list of institutions

This collection is in addition to thousands of hours of TV news reports, films, images and audio available also available on JISC MediaHub.

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