Monday, 7 July 2014

AdForum Creative Network

The Library has set up a trial  of AdForum Creative Network.

This trial has now finished.

Ads are sourced from the 50 leading and most respected international award shows and over 20,000 agencies worldwide. Agency professionals are uploading over 300 of their newest and best ads each week. This puts AdForum in the unique position to be able to showcase the latest creative work and current trends in advertising and the top ad agencies around the world. 

Some of the features of AdForum Creative Network are 
  • A teaching tool that gives students going into the creative industries the greatest competitive advantage.
  • Advanced search tools to find specific ads or specific agencies.
  • Ads include critical information, such as title, agency, city, campaign, advertiser, brand, language, tag line and other credits.
  • Users can set up personal accounts to manage custom content.  
  • Teaching staff can easily manage shared "playlists" for classroom and homework assignments.

Photo by id-iom

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