Thursday, 3 July 2014

Find It in Google Scholar

We know that many of you use Google Scholar to look for information.

So, to help you get from there to the full text of journal articles, we've added Salford's Find It button to the site.

From on campus, this happens automatically - when you search, you'll see full text option for some articles on the right.  Where the University has access, you'll see a FindIt@Salford link.  Click there and you'll be directed to the article full text.

If there's no FindIt@Salford link, then we probably don't have online access to the article, but do check SOLAR in case we have a print copy, or it's a book record you're looking at.

As in the example above, you might also see other links directly to PDFs on various websites - feel free to use them as well to download articles.

From off campus, you have two options.

     1.     You can go to - either follow the link here, bookmark the link for later use, or search for Google Scholar in SOLAR. 

     2.     The second option is to set Google Scholar to look for Salford's full text links. You can do this as follows 
    • Go to Google Scholar
    • Click on the Settings link
    • Click on Library Links
    • Search for ‘salford’
    • Tick the box next to University of Salford – FindIt@Salford
    • Click on ‘Save’
If you do either of the above, then Google Scholar will show you the FindIt@Salford links.

Remember if you are off-campus you will still need to login to resources to gain access to the full text.  In most cases look out for the Institutional, or Shibboleth, login option and select University of Salford from the list.

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