Friday, 13 June 2014

Vogue - available from 1892

University staff and students can now access the entire Vogue (US edition) archive from the very beginning in 1892 upto the current issue, thanks to an agreement between JISC and ProQuest.

Access to the archive is available both on and off campus via SOLAR, or go direct here

JISC and ProQuest say :
Updated monthly with the most recent edition of the magazine, The Vogue Archive gives researchers of fashion, photography, advertising and history access to the entire publication run of the US edition of Vogue magazine, back to its first issue in 1892.  Fashion marketing students will be able to research the history of a brand identity by viewing every advertisement featured, whilst researchers in cultural and gender studies can explore themes such as body image, gender roles and social tastes from the late nineteenth century to the present day. The collection contains over 400,000 pages, reproduced as high resolution full colour images, along with very rich indexing and metadata.
This is an extremely detailed archive - you can search the text, the adverts, and all the pictures, and you can search for people in pictures, and even for what they are wearing!

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