Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Construction e-Books

There are three popular construction reference works now available online.

First, Spon's architects' and builders' price book 2014 is available via SOLAR, or directly here :

  • This is available both on and off campus
  • For off campus access,  click on the Sign In option at the top.  Then select the Shibboleth option, then UK Higher Education and University of Salford (network login)
  • Note that you may need to install a plug-in on your computer to use this e-Book, and other e-Books on this platform.  For more information about this see

Second, a reminder that Steel building design. Design data. commonly known as the SCI Blue Book, is available to download as part of our subscription to the Construction Information Service.
  • You can find this in SOLAR by searching for 'steel building design' or 'steel blue book'
  • Or you can go directly to CIS here
  • Once you have logged into the platform, you must download the SCI Blue Book using the View Product link below the title
  • Follow the instructions on the subsequent pages
  • Once you have downloaded the book, you'll need to use another username and password to access the book iself
  • You can find these, after logging into Blackboard, here 

And finally the International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home is now available
TheInternational Encyclopedia of Housing and Home is the first international reference work for housing scholars and professionals, that uses studies in economics and finance, psychology, social policy, sociology, anthropology, geography, architecture, law, and other disciplines to create an international portrait of housing in all its facets: from meanings of home at the microscale, to impacts on macro-economy.

  • Again, search on SOLAR
  • Or go straight to the book on ScienceDirect
  • For off campus access, choose Sign In, Other Institution Login, the the UK Higher Education list and University of Salford (network login)

Photos by Brad Greenlee and Kevin Fox

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