Monday, 3 March 2014

Springer Protocols

The Library can now provide access to over 29,000 scientific protocols from between 1980 and 2012 from the publisher, Springer.
Used primarily in the life sciences, protocols provide individual sets of instructions to allow scientists to recreate experiments in their own laboratories.  These documents provide written procedural methods in the design and implementation of experiments that describe the safety, bias, procedures, equipment, statistical methods, reporting, and troubleshooting standards to be used in order to successfully conduct the experiment.
SpringerProtocols combines the world’s largest collection of protocols with advanced search functionality.  Each protocol is templated into four sections—Introduction, Materials, Methods, Notes—so that information will always be exactly where you expect to find it.
 SpringerProtocols contains more than 29,000 protocols, most of which come from the classic book series Methods in Molecular Biology.  Each protocol is a chapter of a book, and each book is a collection of protocols on a given research topic.  The topic may be broad or narrow, traditional or cutting-edge.
These protocols are available in two ways.

First, there is a Springer Protocols site :

Access is automatic if you are on campus, and for off campus access go via SOLAR or direct here :

Secondly, they can be searched along side book and journal content from Springer on the platform.  To see only the protocols on this site, go to : 

And for off campus access, login using your network username and password by following the steps in the image below.

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