Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Changes to Scopus and Scirus

Elsevier is introducing significant changes to its scientific databases, Scopus and Scirus.

First, Scirus, the freely accessible scientific search engine of 575 million items, is being discontinued at the end of January 2014.

On a happier note, Scopus us undergoing its most extensive redesign in 10 years in early February.

In particular, the new-look Scopus will feature
  • a new visual style and a cleaner overall user interface
  • more action-driven functionality with some features only appearing when a user performs an action
  • redesigned pages such as the Document Results, Document Details (Abstract), and Author and Affiliation pages
  • improved export options 
To learn more about Scopus' forthcoming release, there is the Scopus blog and Twitter feed

Access to Scopus on campus is here

And off campus requires your network username and password, here  

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