Friday, 8 November 2013

NEC3 Contracts and How To...

Access to the NEC3 contracts, guidance notes, flow charts and 'how to' guides now require your network username and password from both on and off campus.

Access will be via the 'NEC 3 Contracts' record in Library Search

Or go direct to 

This page on Blackboard contains the following contracts, including guidance notes and flow charts :
  • Adjudicators Contract
  • Engineering and Construction Contract
  • Engineering and Construction Short Contract
  • Engineering and Construction Short Subcontract
  • Engineering and Construction Subcontract
  • Framework Contract
  • Professional Services Contract
  • Professional Services Short Contract
  • Supply Contract
  • Supply Short Contract
  • Term Service Contract
  • Term Service Contract
And now also contains the How To... guides
  • How To Use BIM with NEC3 Contracts
  • How To use ECC Communications Forms
  • How To use PSC Commsunications Forms
  • How To use TSC Communications Forms
  • How To write ECC Works Information
  • How To write TSC Service Information
  • How To write the PSC Scope

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