Monday, 15 July 2013

SOLAR new features 15th July

New features have been added to SOLAR as part of the introduction of a new Library Management System.
Locations is now ‘Get it’
  • You can see what copies are available and where from the Get It tab.
  • Log in to SOLAR to see how long you can borrow and item for. If you're not logged in you will just be able to see whether an item is loanable or not.
  • You can reserve items or ask for them to be transferred from another site under the Get it tab.
 View online is now 'View it'
  • You can link to online content using the View It tab
  • You'll also see the new View It menu if you use the Find It button in other databases
Ejournals AZ is now part of the SOLAR interface

My Account
  • My account is now part of the SOLAR interface
  • Log in to your account to be able to see what items you have on loan, renew them, see progress of requests.
Please contact the library if you need any help, support or further information.

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