Wednesday, 29 May 2013

SOLAR upgrade - 2nd June

SOLAR will be upgraded to the latest version on Sunday 2nd June and may be unavailabe for a short time whilst the upgrade takes place at around 6am.

The upgrade will introduce some new features to SOLAR. We hope you find these useful. If you have any feedback or would like any help using SOLAR please contact the Library.

Availability display

A colour coded dot now shows at a glance whether a resource is available.

Green: resource is available

Yellow: resource may be available, check locations tab for more information

Grey: resource is not available, check Services or Details tab for access options

Where a resource is available as print and online the text has been changed to make this clearer:

Multiple versions
The display for resources where there is more than one version, for example if there is more than one edition for a book, has been updated. The icon shows there are multiple versions and clicking on the icon, title or 'View 4 versions' will display all the versions.

Where there is more than one version of an article the display is slightly different. One record displays with a link to the other versions:

You can now also see which database or source the record has come from when you view all the versions:

It's now possible to jump to a page of results:

Find Database
To improve the speed of Find Databases a list of databases no longer displays when you first open the link. There is also a 'Clear Selection' button to reset the form.

Web of Science Citations 
A new tab displays on records from Web of Science sources which shows citations for the work.

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