Friday, 31 May 2013

Sustainable Organization Library

The Library has started a trial of the SustainableOrganization Library which runs until the end of June.

For more information, read on or see here :

For off-campus access, use the Shibboleth sign-in option and select University of Salford (network username) from the list.

·         Online collection of books and journals (nearly 400 volumes) in sustainability, CSR, corporate governance, ethics, environmental policy and management
·         Unique content -- much of it available online for the first time
·         Ebooks, journals, articles, reports, conference proceedings
·         Relevant to: 

Environmental Studies

Social Sciences
Greenleaf was founded in 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, and was amongst the first publishers to address the academic and general interest for books and journals dealing with ‘green’ business issues, and related issues of corporate social responsibility. In 2012, Greenleaf and GSE Research announced a formal alliance to digitize the Greenleaf archive of books and journals alongside that of other publishing partners. In 2013, the year of our 21st birthday, Greenleaf and GSE are launching the Sustainable Organization Librarya collaboration in sustainability publishing from specialist publishers and organizations in the field including:

·         Greenleaf Publishing: the leading independent sustainability publisher. Greenleaf publishes in the areas of corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy, business strategy and practice, and sustainable development. SOL includes the majority of Greenleaf publications.
·         GSE Research: specialist in publishing, project management and advisory services in governance, sustainability and environment, and partner to Greenleaf Publishing.
·         Practical Action Publishing: specializing in developing-world issues, Practical Action collaborates with international development organizations including UNDP, DFID, IFRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, UNICEF, FAO and many others. SOL draws on the Development Economics collection from Practical Action.
·         Peter Lang: long-established publisher of English-, German- and French-language books in the humanities and social sciences. SOL draws on the Peter Lang environment and sustainability list.
·         Cambridge Scholars Publishing: broad-based publisher of around 500 new titles a year in science, the arts and humanities. SOL draws on the Cambridge Scholars environment and sustainability list.
·         Access Press: UK-based specialist publisher of books and journals, including the International Journal of Management Cases, which is included in SOL.
·         United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME): with nearly 500 business school signatories worldwide.
·         European Foundation for Management Development: leading accreditation and membership body for business schools and organization learning & development initiatives worldwide
·         The Academy of Business in Society: more than 120 of the world’s leading companies and business schools.
·         Institute of Directors India: serving more than 30,000 directors in corporations in India and worldwide.

A few endorsements

“Glasgow School for Business and Society greatly welcomed the launch of GSE Research, not simply because it provides an invaluable resource and reference point for research and best practice in the areas of governance, sustainability and environmental management, but also because of the principles for which it stands as reflected in particular in its emphasis on and promotion of environmental and ethical values. The School is proud to be a SOL Partner.
Professor John Wilson, Dean of the Business School, Glasgow Caledonian University

“Sustainability is one of the key issues for the 21st century and this is an exceptional collection that will be of great value to business schools and companies all over the world”
Professor Eric Cornuel, CEO & Director General, EFMD.

"This is a welcome innovation for all of us committed to responsible leadership values and sustainability-related research and education."
Professor Simon Mercado, Associate Dean, Nottingham Business School

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ingenta Connect

There is currently a problem accessing Ingenta Connect connect titles through SOLAR.  The suppliers are currently working to resolve this issue.  In the meantime,  Ingenta Connect titles can be accessed by going directly to the following link:-

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

SOLAR upgrade - 2nd June

SOLAR will be upgraded to the latest version on Sunday 2nd June and may be unavailabe for a short time whilst the upgrade takes place at around 6am.

The upgrade will introduce some new features to SOLAR. We hope you find these useful. If you have any feedback or would like any help using SOLAR please contact the Library.

Availability display

A colour coded dot now shows at a glance whether a resource is available.

Green: resource is available

Yellow: resource may be available, check locations tab for more information

Grey: resource is not available, check Services or Details tab for access options

Where a resource is available as print and online the text has been changed to make this clearer:

Multiple versions
The display for resources where there is more than one version, for example if there is more than one edition for a book, has been updated. The icon shows there are multiple versions and clicking on the icon, title or 'View 4 versions' will display all the versions.

Where there is more than one version of an article the display is slightly different. One record displays with a link to the other versions:

You can now also see which database or source the record has come from when you view all the versions:

It's now possible to jump to a page of results:

Find Database
To improve the speed of Find Databases a list of databases no longer displays when you first open the link. There is also a 'Clear Selection' button to reset the form.

Web of Science Citations 
A new tab displays on records from Web of Science sources which shows citations for the work.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

SOLAR maintenance - 28th May

'Find Databases' and 'My Library' in SOLAR may be unavailable at times from 9am on the morning of Tuesday 28th May whilst essential work takes place.

During this time you can search for the database you require through the main SOLAR search.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

AES eLibrary : now restored

Access to this resource is now restored.

We are currently experiencing problems accessing the AES eLibrary, and are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BioOne Trial, until 31 July 2013

The Library has set up a tiral of BioOne for use by staff and students.  The database is available until the end of July 2013.

Access is available on-campus here

Off campus users will have to set up the proxy service.  For instructions see here 

BioOne is a ‘not for profit organisation’, providing an online database of 176 high-quality biological, ecological and environmental sciences journals from 131 not-for-profit publishers. 72% of the titles are ISI ranked and almost half of the current titles are exclusively on BioOne. 

Topics covered include:
Cell biology
Public Health
Human Biology
Molecular Biology
For guides and tutorials to the site see

For more information on BioOne's mobile platform, see

OVID : new eBooks available

The Library has purchased a new set of eBooks from the health platform, OVID.   You can see the full list of eBooks available here :

Note that the new book titles are not currently listed in SOLAR, but this will be done within the next few weeks.

You can see the other content available on this platform - journals and databases - here : 

To access this content, use your Athens username and password.

Alternatively, try using your Network username and password here : from June 2013, this will be the University's main access method to this resource.

Reaxys : new platform

There is a new user interface for the chemistry research resource, Reaxys, now available.

There are videos, guides and FAQs about the new platform available online here :

You can currently switch between the old and the new interfaces using the link in the top-right corner of the interface.