Monday, 4 August 2014

Flood Estimation Handbook software

The Flood Estimation Handbook comes with two associated pieces of software : FEH CD-Rom3 and WINFAP-FEH 3

Both of these are now available in Clifford Whitworth Group Study Rooms 1,2, 3, 5 and 6 on the ground floor, and also Group Study Room 8 in the Lady Hale extension on the 2nd floor.. 

Please book one of these rooms in advance of your visit by telephoning 0161 295 5535

To use either piece of software, you will need to ask for the CD/USB from the Enquiry Desk where these will be loaned to your account for 4 hours.

In the room, you will find both of these programmes via the start menu on the PC :

To use FEH CD-Rom 3, you will need the CD to be inserted in the PC and you will be asked for the licensee name and activation code.  Copy and paste these from below :

Licensee name: The University of Salford
Activation Code : Z3M-F-U3X411Y-566B2-17E9-B392-B059-CEFB

And you will also be asked if you want to cache the database - choose No to this.

To use WINFAP-FEH 3, you will need the USB dongle to be inserted in the USB drive on the front of the PC.  If it doesn't work first time, try turning the dongle around (it fits in the slot both ways) or try the other USB port on the front of the PC.

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