Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SOLAR upgrade - new features

SOLAR was upgraded on Monday 21st January which introduced a number of new features:

Search Everything
The default search now searches everything so you'll get results including books, journals, videos and also articles, book chapters and other scholarly material. You can use the options on the left hand side to narrow down the results if you need to.

Refine my results - more options
A new option has been added to 'Refine my results' so that you can choose more than one option from each section. You can also exclude options. Simply click on the more links to see the additional options.

Personalised searching
This is a brand new feature which allows you to personalise your search results. When you log into Solar via 'My Account' you'll be given the option to choose your degree level and subject interests. This is completely optional.

You can later change or remove your selections by logging into 'My Account', choosing 'Personal Settings' and then edit 'Personalise your results'.

If you choose to turn this option on you'll still see the same results but the results which are more relevant to your choices will be sent to the top of the list.

Browse by Shelfmark
A new option which allows you to browse print books by Shelfmark - available from the top menu.

Facebook button
A Facebook Like button now appears next to each result so you can post results to your Facebook page.

Advanced search - date range
You can now enter a precise date range in advanced search (previously you could only choose an option such as last 5 years).

Export records in RIS format
Records can now be exported in RIS format so they can be imported into EndNote. Find this option under Send to in the Details tab.

We hope you'll find these new features useful, if you have any feedback or would like any help using Solar please contact the Library .

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