Thursday, 29 March 2012

IEEE Xplore— New Platform in April 2012

IEEE Xplore will be moving to a new platform in April 2012.

While many new features will be added to IEEE Xplore with this release, there are two important items to note:

1. IEEE Account (personal account) user name change: After the launch, individuals signing in with an IEEE Account user name (the personal account user name which is used to set individual preferences) will be prompted to change their current user name to their e-mail address. Institutional user names and access are not affected and will remain the same.

2. Saved Searches and Search History will be deleted: All current saved searches and search history records will be DELETED with this release. We encourage all users to copy and paste their saved searches into a document so they can recreate the search after launch. IEEE has communicated to all saved search alert holders about this change. Table of Contents alerts are not affected and will remain active.

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