Monday, 23 January 2012

Freedonia Focus Reports : trial until 6 February 2012

The Library is running a trial of Freedonia Focus Reports until Monday, February 6, 2012

You can access this resource, on-campus here :

The Freedonia Group is a leading international industry market research company that has provided clients with the data and analysis needed to make informed business decisions for over 25 years. Business and industry decision-makers worldwide look to Freedonia for insight and forecasts to help identify opportunities, develop strategies, evaluate threats and make investment decisions for growth in a diverse group of industries in U.S. and global markets.

Now, this same research that is used by corporate clients is available to colleges and universities. The Freedonia Focus Report Collection is designed to deliver concise market analysis which students and faculty can utilize in the same way corporate clients use the Focus Collection; to develop relevant and effective business plans, access benchmarks and statistics for strategic planning of new, growing and mature businesses. Each concisely-written, 18-25 page Focus is developed by Freedonia’s in-house research team of nearly 70 experienced economists, analysts, industry experts and editorial staff. Academic subscribers like the structure of the reports because they mirror how they need to write their own market research for real world applications and also because resources are clearly documented in every report within the Focus Collection.

This online, subscription based collection provides insight and analysis into over 700 U.S. and international business and industry topics. Approximately 65% of the collection addresses energy, construction & building materials, electronics, chemicals, industrial/manufacturing and packaging industry topics. The remaining 35% of the reports cover consumer products, pharmaceuticals/life sciences and service industries. Each report includes concise and valuable information on market size, product and market forecasts, industry composition, market leaders, regulatory issues and business trends. The database is useful for those involved in the commercialization of products and services and in a variety of academic disciplines including:

· Business & Commerce

· Construction/Building

· Earth Sciences

· Energy

· Engineering

· Entrepreneurship

· Food And Nutrition

· Life Sciences

· Pharmaceuticals

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