Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Reminder about the use of Library resources

Virtually all of the electronic resources to which the Library provides access to via Library Search are licenced to the University, and its students and staff.

These licences vary from resource to resource, but each spells out the authorized use which you, as staff and students of the University, are allowed to make of the materials.

In general terms :
  • the Library’s electronic resources are only available for you to make use of personally for educational purposes 
  •  you must not use resources for any commercial purposes.
  •  you must not systematically download the contents of a resource for any purpose
  • you must not download and redistribute materials to others, either in printed form, by email or via social networking sites, or by uploading to document sharing sites
  • some resources do allow for materials to be distributed to students in printed or electronic course-packs, for example via a virtual learning environment, but do check the terms of the site in question, or contact the Library, before doing this.
  • any passwords provided to you by the University are for your personal use only, and must not be shared
  • if you are not sure about how you can use a particular resource, you should ask the Library for clarification

You are reminded also of the University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy. Any infringements of this policy, including illegally sharing or distributing licenced or copyrighted works, will be investigated.

Should you wish to alert other members of the University to particular online resources you should send links requiring the recipient to sign-in or authenticate before they can access the resource.  You can do this by using the 'share' function in Library Search, or directly within many of the databases and resources you have access to.

If you require further advice on specific resources, please do contact the Library.

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